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Update: October 2020

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(Apr, 2023)

GAS Anaesthetic Fees for Insured Patients (Updated April 2024)

The information contained in this schedule is intended for patients and medical secretaries only.The fees provided are the 'fee maxima' that Group Anaesthetic Services LLP will charge.

Anaesthetists that are not part of Group Anaesthetic Services should take legal advice before viewing this fee schedule, since accessing this information by them may contravene the 1998 Competition Act. This service is designed solely to provide prospective patients with information about our professional fees in line with current guidance from The General Medical Council.

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Anaesthetic Fees and Reimbursements

Group Anaesthetic Services is a partnership which sets its own fees for anaesthetic procedures. We bill our patients according to the Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients published by The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland.

Some private medical insurance companies publish a similar schedule which determines the level of reimbursement offered to their customers for any given anaesthetic procedure. The companies do not determine the anaesthetic fee itself.

The majority of private medical insurance companies cover our fees, but you are advised to check whether this is the case in advance. You can always contact the Consultant for more detailed fee information. There can be differences between different insurers and also between different policies offered by the same insurer. In the event that your insurer does not cover the full fee, you will be required to pay the difference, or "shortfall".

GAS Anaesthetic Fees for Self Pay Patients

Generally for patients who are financing their own private healthcare, the hospital will quote for an all inclusive charge for the surgical procedure which includes the fee charged by the Consultant Anaesthetist. Please do check what the 'fixed price' charge quoted by the hospital includes.